Spirit is life
Jesus said: The natural is useless, the spirit gives life. Mind is invisible, so most people ignore it. Powers Of The Mind like ignoring what is visible because you can’t hear it. In truth, spiritual forces determine every second of every human life. Humanity will open up to a conscious use of spiritual powers and develop a new dimension of life for itself.

Mind is reality
Spirit is the invisible reality. Mind is the invisible substance that underlies everything that is visible. Spirit is immortal. Spirit is supernatural invisible energy. Even in the natural there are energies that cannot be perceived with the five human senses, but which nevertheless shape the whole of human existence. Just think of electricity or modern information technology. There is also supernatural invisible energy: spirit. Completely unnoticed by most people, the existing spiritual powers determine every second of our lives. Spiritual powers have nothing to do with spiritual faculties; H. the term spirit in the biblical sense and used here has nothing to do with the human intellect, but refers exclusively to supernaturalness.

Powers Of The Mind

Every person is a spiritual being; H. the person himself, his innermost substance, is living energy. Powers Of The Mind applies to every human being, to God, the devil, angels and demons. The nature of the spiritual substance characterizes its personality. For example, the nature of the divine spirit is selfless love.

Spirit determines human existence
Spirit shapes people
Man is a triune being. Although his spirit is the determining element of his person, it also consists of his soul and his body. These are malleable and change according to the spiritual forces to which they are exposed. This applies to every smallest everyday situation and thus also to the development and shaping of the entire personality.

Everyone knows that a person’s personality is shaped by the experiences of their life. In reality, a person’s experiences are already the result of the spiritual forces at work in his life. In most cases, especially at the beginning of life, a person can only choose to a limited extent which spiritual powers he would like to expose himself to. That is, part of his personality, for example, is simply a product of the spiritual atmosphere of his parents’ home. The existing spiritual strength always asserts itself against externally applied educational methods. For example, if parents feel socially inferior, no matter how much they praise and encourage their child, they will leave home with the same feeling of inferiority that their parents felt.

Powers Of The Mind

Anyone who ignores the spiritual world lives an unconscious life in which they clumsily try to react to what is happening to them. His behavior patterns are compulsive according to the imprints that result from the spiritual forces that accompanied his life experiences.

Change through mind
The experiences that a person has had cannot be undone, which is why it seems almost impossible from the natural to change a person. It either requires tremendous determination and discipline or lengthy personal attention. Most well-intentioned attempts fail sooner or later.

But spiritual forces are stronger than natural forces, they are stronger than anything visible. Spiritual power does not work through external use, but through faith. Through a conscious clergy and the power of faith, even lifelong impressions can be effortlessly changed. Aware that the Spirit of Jesus Christ is the most powerful force there is, Paul beautifully formulates in his letter to the Ephesians:

God give you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with strength through his spirit in the inner man; that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith and that you are rooted and founded in love … so that you may be filled to the fullness of God. … But to him who is able to go beyond everything, exceedingly more than we ask or imagine, according to the power that works in us, to him be the glory in the church.

Powers Of The Mind

A spiritual life
Every person is spirit, i. H. it has a certain spiritual power and a corresponding energetic radiation. The spiritual power that emanates from a person can shape atmospheres and thus influence other people in the invisible. On the other hand, a person can expose himself to a certain atmosphere and so absorb the spiritual substance that underlies the atmosphere. If a certain spiritual effectiveness shapes the whole life of a person, he will at some point feel it as part of his personality. The corresponding energy is stored in his soul and becomes part of his constant radiation. After all, it can even be reflected in the expression on his face.

A spiritual person lives more and more independently of existing atmospheres, since he remains constantly in the atmosphere of God — love. He can perceive other effects in the atmosphere and consciously choose where he is. But he will also pay attention to what spiritual effectiveness emanates from himself. He will always avoid absorbing negative atmospheres.

Powers Of The Mind

For example, if a person regularly listens to depressive music, their mood will change accordingly. In his malleable soul more and more melancholy feelings and negative thoughts will appear. A spiritual person will evade such influences.

The clergyman recognizes stress at his workplace even before the atmosphere creeps over him. He can thus remain calm and continue to work efficiently with a clear head.

Mankind will recognize that negative atmospheres are just as damaging to the personality as unhealthy diets are to the body.

Powers Of The Mind spiritual person is a responsible person. He is not easy to manipulate or seduce because he perceives the real motivations of his counterpart as effective energies. He is a trustworthy person and still does not have to naively rely on superficial statements.

In a sales pitch, for example, the clergyman recognizes when friendly advice turns into skillful manipulation, and thus remains capable of an independent decision.

When a spiritually sensitive person enters a room, he knows whether there has previously been an argument, blasphemy or praise because the corresponding energies are still in the room, although there is no longer any talk. He immediately feels whether he is welcome or bothersome.

Raising awareness of spiritual efficacy is a learning process, similar to developing a young child’s natural senses. The greatest challenge here is to put aside the strong impressions of the well-developed natural senses that compete with the subtle spiritual sensations. The natural man only believes what his senses convey to him. The clergyman sees reality.

Unity in spirit
Spiritual connection
Humanity longs for peace. The ending of all human hostility is only possible in the spirit of love. The apostle Paul writes: Be diligent to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace

As soon as several people open up to the same spiritual effectiveness, a spiritual connection is established. Spiritual unity allows natural differences to be overlooked. This is basically possible in every mind. Here are just a few examples:

Musicians who indulge themselves in the spiritual effectiveness of an inspired artist achieve a harmony in interaction with him that would not be possible through natural practice alone.
The positive influence on the global atmosphere through the connection in the camaraderie spirit of a soccer world championship is amazing. This example shows in particular that the spiritual effectiveness behind an event is more important than the ostensible subject.
People who otherwise have little in common can combine in hatred because of a common enemy image. This takes place at all levels. Examples are the rejection of ethnic minorities in a nation, the religiously motivated persecution of those who think differently or the daily blasphemy in the school yard or at work.

The power of unity
Spiritual unity is very strong. Even if it only exists for a certain period of time, there is enormous potential for the moment that goes far beyond the sum of the capabilities of the individual. Diplomatic agreements or the consensus reached on the basis of agreements, on the other hand, only grant an external peace or the framework for joint action and are accordingly weak.

The spiritual person feels all interpersonal tension. He knows that unification by intellectual agreement is not unity. The clergyman will always seek unity in the spirit of love. He avoids any connection in a negative spirit such as social class arrogance or blasphemy. The overall atmosphere of this earth will improve through the increasing positive spirituality of each individual.

The spiritual awakening
Mind is energy. Man longs for refreshing clergy. He longs for vitalizing contact with spiritual forces. In every area of ​​art it is evident that the human being always gives inspiration over skill. An inspired musician can play the simplest melodies and still has enormous attraction, while a musician who plays excellently technically without inspiration is at best given credit.

In the long run, humanity will stop ignoring the invisible. She will recognize the existing spiritual powers and use them consciously. The associated changes in human life will be lasting and of unimaginable proportions. Much more extensive than, for example, the discovery of electrical energy, which, although always present, remained undiscovered for a long time. Conscious handling of spiritual powers will lose the aftertaste of fantasy even in modern society. It will prove to be sensible, even inevitable, for a responsible life.

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